This is Us

Visual identity, motion graphic

《This is Us》是当下频道推出的一档聚焦年轻人新职业的季播栏目,第四季聚焦于“两个同岁年轻人不同的职业状貌”,特色包括“职业科普”、“选择反思”和“隔空对话”。我们为这一季《This is Us》设计了全新的片名字标,以此为基础制定了整季节目的视觉风格、动画表现和排版规范,并参与了片中动画部分的制作。

“This is Us”, produced by Dangxia Channel, is a series show focusing on professional choices of the younger generation in China. atelierAnchor designs for the program its new title logo, visual identity, animation storyboard, typographic guidelines, as well as its post-production motion graphics.

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