Dinkie Bitmap Black Box

Product design

字体,本质上是基于信息载体的数字产品,在数字时代以虚拟方式出售并不奇怪。为字体准备物理包装是为了获得一种埋在数字浪潮下的真实感。它代表了一种与字体精神一致的复古情结。“像素”和“8×8”,源自“Dinkie Bitmap”的设计尺度,是我们打破数字世界壁垒所需要的一切。

Fonts, intrinsically digital products based on packages of information, are unsurprisingly sold in a virtual manner in the digital age. To prepare a physical packaging for a font is to fetch a sense of reality buried under the digital tide. It represents a retro complex that is in consistency with the typeface’s ethos. “Pixels” and “8×8”, themes derived from “Dinkie Bitmap”, are all we need to break the walls of the digital world.