Arcade Game Typography


《街机游戏字体》中文版。本书聚焦于 1970 年代—2000 年代街机游戏中的 8×8 像素字体,是第一本关于游戏字体的专著。书中包含约 250 套具有代表性的字体,并附有深刻的评论。原版由字体设计师大曲都市以英文撰写,我们将其译为中文,并和出版方共同策划并执行了宣发工作。

The Chinese edition of “Arcade Game Typography”. Originally written by Toshi Omagari in English, this is a comprehensive book on 8×8 pixels fonts in arcade video games from ’70s to ’00s, showcasing around 250 fonts that represent the best of the industry. It is an interesting cross between typeface design and video game subjects, and the first book of its kind.