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dash 是关于文字的视觉文化志,不定期更新。每期我们都会择取一个主题,通过独特的编辑思路和设计形式呈现给读者。我们希望能发现司空见惯中的不同寻常,连结跨领域、跨文化的声音,为创作者提供更广泛、更巧妙、更多元的视角。

dash 通过电子版和实体书两种媒介发行。纸质版可以通过我们合作的实体书店或其网店购买,电子版在下方填写邮件地址即可订阅——不过,你得到的数字文件会带有某种形式的缺损,正如所有的虚拟物一样。

dash is an irregularly-published zine about type, typography, design and visual culture. Each issue is brought to you in both physical and virtual format, showcasing a selected theme through unique editorial curation and layout design. dash aims to see the unseen and speak the unspoken, connecting cross-expertise and cross-cultural voices while giving designers and creators in all fields broader, subtler, and more diverse perspectives.

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Xiyao Du
Heshan Huang, Chen Li, Willie Liu, Money Su, Zihao Tan, Yanjun Zhang
Chen Li, Money Su
Nagisa Chen, Chen Li, Willie Liu